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What is Astro-Numerology? 

As an Astro-Numerologist, I combine the ancient wisdoms of Astrology and Numerology to create a profile for clients that will help them better understand their energetic makeup.  The story of who you are can be explained through studying the conversation taking place amongst the planets and the frequency of numbers.

I was fortunate enough to be taught astro-numerology by my mentor and teacher Baba Akasanmon, Ṣàngódaré Ifágbèmí.  He is the creator of GAN Philosophy which combines Geometry, Astrology and Numerology. For anyone interested in taking a deep-dive into the world of numbers, I cannot recommend his course enough.  It changed my life, and I am so grateful. 

For more information, please visit his website at:

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(Why yes, that surely is 9 year old me working on his multiplication tables; thank you for asking!)
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