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What to Expect In Our Session

There's No Such Thing As A Silly Question


Astrology Birth Chart Consultation w/ Numerology

Session Length: 80 Minutes

Price: $175

This session is a comprehensive breakdown of both your Natal Astrological Chart and also your Numerology Profile, (Life Path #, Expression #, Soul Urge #, Maturity #). We'll discuss the major Astrological Transits you're currently experiencing, your Annual Profection Year and subsequent Timelord, and how to best plan for the current and following years.  I'm a reader who loves to teach my clients to the best of my abilities about their charts: I want you to come away feeling both affirmed and empowered about how to best move forward on your path. 

Included w/ Session:

1. Downloadable Link to our Audio Session recording

2. Two Numerology Reports: Year-Ahead Report and Full Numerology Report

3. 7 different Chakra Meditation / Affirmation pdfs

4. Astrology Wheel and Transits for the upcoming Year

Solar Return (Birthday) Consultation

Session Length: 90 minutes

Price: $190

This consultation looks at a special chart that we can generate in Astrology known as your Solar Return chart.  The Solar Return chart is a chart that is generated at the time of your birthday, and it previews the upcoming year for you in terms of specific themes and patterns to be on the lookout for.  This consultation is most effective to book as close to your birthday as possible.  

Included w/ Session:

1. Downloadable link to our Audio Recording 

2. Solar Return Chart Report (14 pages)

3.  Predictive Astrology Report for Transits of the upcoming year (12 pages)


Couple's Synastry

Session Length: 120 Minutes

Price: $300

In this session, we'll explore the dynamics between you and your partner's Astrological Birth Chart. We'll also compare the Numerology Charts for you and your partner.  This session is focused on helping you and your partner understand each other more deeply and to help foster a freer and more open channel of communication between you two. A deeper and more honest Love is the goal above all else: I promise it will be a safe space for the two of you to grow together more fully in Love.

Included w/ Session:

1. Downloadable Link to our Audio Recording

2.  Each of you will receive 3 Numerology Reports: Full Numerology Report, Year-Ahead Report, Relationship Report

3. Each of you will receive 7 different Chakra Meditation / Affirmation pdfs 

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