"Jonathan is an amazing astro-numerologist. Jonathan rocked the very foundation of my life this morning, and he provided me with clear insights and wisdom needed for me to progress as a human and spiritual healing practitioner. He has power. Heart. Patience and Love.

-Liana Naima

"Jonathan is a true seer, one who can help to illuminate truths about yourself and patterns that are desperately trying to be seen. My reading with him was helpful beyond measure-- I learned so much about myself, about my family, and helped me name things that I felt in my being but didn't have the names for. Jonathan is also so careful and tender with how they approach working with your chart and numerology-- it felt so affirmative and clarifying. I would highly suggest getting a reading with Jonathan!

-Fatimah Asghar

"So my morning consisted of getting my chart read by @jonathanldent which BLEW ME AWAY.  So much confimation that I am on THEE right path and things are aligning in my divine purpose. Wow. Big shout out to the homie who is incredible at what he does.  Hit him up + follow him." 

-Ashley Simpo {@BlackAshley on Twitter}

"Jonathan just read my entire numerological and astrological life! I received confirmation about themes I'm exploring in work, romance, wounds + healing. It's go-time for me, and also time to shed the patterns I know are NOT it. He read me CONCISELY and compassionately, snatched my edges with truth.

-Rachelle Pean

"On this Venus day I am sending soul much love & gratitude to @jonathanldent

for the natal + numerology reading he provided for me this week. The accuracy, clarity, and wisdom provided was everything I needed & more. I feel so complete with all the tools & knowledge he gave me."

-Mia Luckey {@EuphemiaSpeaks on Twitter}

"Just had an incredible Astro-Numerology session with Jonathan and this man is GIFTED. I got what I needed + morey My heart is overflowing with gratitude.  Go treat yourself to a reading and get some clarity on the themes + energy at play in your life.  

-Jess Gray {@HeyJessGray on Twitter}

"Ya'll I just got an Astro-Numerology reading from Jonathan and I've never felt more seen and affirmed. He hit the nail on the head so many times, I'm still beaming with gratitude. I got work to do! Thank you so much.

-Terry Torro

"The astro-numerology reading I just had with Jonathan was SO insightful and on point! Highly recommend that if you're wanting more insight on your spiritual journey or more guidance in your life to book an appointment with him!"

-Jatohn Redeaux

"On 2/22/21 I received an Astro-Numerology reading by Jonathan that truly spoke to my soul! I highly recommend to anyone that wants to go deeper and learn more about themselves. The man is gifted!"

-Ciara Vicente

"I just had an amazing reading with Jonathan and my mind is blown in the best way possible. Clarity. Grounding. Freedom. Healing. Thank you so much, Jonathan.  You are a HUGE light."

-Katrina Balbuena

"I want to shout out the incredible @jonathanldent. I got a very detailed reading in February 2021. I took his advice and unleashed power that I somehow forgot I had, and in a short amount of time! My life has completely changed. I've never felt this much alignment in my entire life. I moved, was promoted at work, etc. You should definitely reach out."

-Obye Davis

"And while I’m speaking on readers and therapists, I must take a moment to uplift and show gratitude for Jonathan Louis dent. I had an Astro-Numerology reading with him back in March 2021 and i still refer back to it at least weekly. Some of his most simple suggestions really made the biggest impact on my life. I feel so deeply and so intimately held by my folks now. Jonathan’s interpretation of my numbers and my chart affirmed so much for me. I was seeking more presence and connection with my ancestors and hearing Jonathan channel their love to me and channel affirmation of who I am and whose I am. Affirmation of my purpose, my gifts, and most importantly my lineage.

That reading made me feel seen and encouraged beyond measure and that’s something I’ll never take for granted. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to have people/spaces that see you, understand you, affirm you, and that honor your ebbs and flows in each season."

-Shada Renee Johnson

"Yesterday was one of those days that you know was a pivot. This was more than a reading but a life-changing, affirming experience. Whew! So much power felt and received. Thank you for sharing your gift, Jonathan."


"I don't even know if I have the words- just finished a reading with Jonathan Dent and am feeling all the feels and got incredible, affirming insights. Truly honored and blessed to have had this experience. Feeling ready to take on the world." 

-Grisselle Escotto